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The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

People might think that regenerative medicine is something futuristic. They are now aware that regenerative medicine is already been used today. The first bone marrow transplant was its beginning and it has been studied for a very long time now.

But what is regenerative medicine?

The natural ability of every person to heal themselves and defend against illnesses and injury is the basic idea of regenerative medicine. There is nothing philosophical about this basic idea There are things that are in your body that when activated can trigger healing in a very powerful and regenerative way.

Symptoms are cured by traditional medicine. But what regenerative medicine seeks is to restore the function and structure of damaged organs and tissues.

What regenerative medicine offers to people who are ill, with injuries, and disease is hope. And it offers special hope to those people who have been told by their doctors that there is no longer any cure for their condition.

How can one benefit form regenerative medicine?

Medication, transplants and lifestyle counseling are being used by traditional medicine to cure disease symptoms. You may have benefited from these treatments before. But your quality of life may have decreased and it is very likely that the condition will return. With regenerative medicine impaired and failing tissues are cured and not merely the symptoms.

You can complete healing with the use of your own cells blood, and tissue in regenerative medicine. Cancer, diabetes, heart and blood vessel weakness, liver disease, lung disease, and a lot more diseases are targets of doctors practicing regenerative medicine. The chances of surviving these serious health problems are high with regenerative medicine. You can also achieve the quality of life you had before.

The focus of regenerative medicine is on four areas. They are as follows.

Cellular therapy or the use of stem cells. Stem cells can heal destroyed or damaged tissues because of disease or trauma. We have many stem cells all over our bodies. Adult stem cells are located throughout the body and are especially concentrated in the adipose tissues.

The goal of regenerative medicine is to minimize the transplanting or new organs. Implanting new organs does not guarantee that it will work. An example of tissue engineering is that instead of transplanting a heart, they instead create new heart valves.

It is now possible to grow new organs from the patient’s own cells in regenerative medicine. In a lab setting, cells are manipulated to develop replacement organs. The reason for this is the shortage of donor organs.

Another way to cure heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health conditions is through clinical translation. They use the person’s own healthy cells to cure the sickness.

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