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What Can We Do About Daylight Saving Time

There is a need to establish the cause of daylight savings time and the reason behind its continued existence. Daylight savings time was seen as needed by farmers but the majority of them do not want anything to do with it. The major reason as to why farmers oppose the move to daylight savings time is that there is too much inconvenience when selling their produce to customers who have moved to daylight savings time. No farmer wants anything to do with daylight saving time. There is no point to continue with the madness of daylight saving time in pretence that we are helping farmers while we are actually hurting their trade.

The united states of America are where the Daylight saving time originated. This happened during the World War I. The purpose of this was to make some savings on fuel. This was to be achieved by the reduction of the need for using artificial lighting. However, not all the states observed the Daylight saving time throughout the war until the World war II. World war II has several decades since it ended but we still have Daylight saving time. The reason behind this needs to be established but consider end of daylight saving time.

For an effective alternation between daylight saving time and the standard time, the Uniform Time Act of 1966 provides the framework. This is the framework that is observed in the unites states currently. The Congress however has an issue with this. Indeed, Congress is always tinkering with the time. For instance, although it was required to have daylight savings over spring and winter, daylight savings were observed the entire year in 1973. It was until 1986 when the standardization for the starting and the ending of daylight savings happened. Also, the rules were again changed in 2007. This justifies the fact that daylight savings time needs to be done away with.

it is not easy when it comes to tracing back the origin of this tradition of daylight savings. Indeed, it can go far as 1784. In 1907, it was now William Willet who campaigned for it in a serious manner.

As the years go by, there are many misinformed people who have started to support the daylight savings time. Such have come with other reasons for adhering to the daylight saving time, despite the fact that these were not the original reasons for it.

Safety comes as a “reason” for daylight saving time. When there are more light hours, it is wrongly argued that accidents are meant to be reduced. When talking of actual sense, it may not be necessarily so but consider end of daylight saving time.

Another reason for holding to daylight savings is that some people love the late evening light. Unfortunately, there is an equal number of people who would kill for the morning light.

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