It happened again. My poor blog has been abandoned. I was determined to not let this happen again then life happened. To bring you up to date, this past summer was the hardest, worst, scariest, and oddly helpful summer we have ever had. If you have read my blog most of you know my little boy has autism. We struggled for years to get a doctor to listen to us, then struggled more after we got the diagnosis to get through waitlists and figure out what he needed next. This summer everything came to a head. To not get too detailed about his health, I will just say we KNEW something else was wrong. Finally, in one of his appts. the doctor saw him doing what he did multiple times a day in our home. She took one look at me and said you have to go to Children's. I knew this would happen one day but for someone to recognize his need made it sink in even more. 
Long story short, he was in the hospital for 2 weeks and then day treatment for another week. Those were the hardest weeks. We could only visit my 5 year ...

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My birthday was just on Friday and my sweet hubby took me fabric shopping and tea shopping. Over Mother's Day I got a cast iron tea pot and I am in LOVE! I am loving Teavana's Orange Blossom Sorbet tea. It is delicious! You cannot beat shopping for your two obsessions! :-) 
Lately I have been working on a new project for my dad. I have made quilts for my MIL and mom but nothing for the men in my family. I finally decided to make one for my dad. Only problem was my stash did not have male friendly fabrics! So I did a little shopping! I got what I think my dad is going to love and that has a little sentimental value and started a disappearing nine patch quilt! Here is my first block:

I think he is really going to love it! Now I just need to get cracking because Father's Day is just around the corner! 
This weekend my family and I went for a fun Sunday drive to get away and get out of the house a bit. We found a perfect spot in Boulder to hang out! Spring is in full ...

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I am finally jumping into the quilting community a little more. I am participating in my first quilt swap! This one is using Anna Maria Horner fabrics. I met her once and LOVED her quilts. However I have not used much of her fabrics. I have no idea why not! I am so thrilled I joined this swap. I have a new obsession! The pattern I used was the woven star from Pile of Fabric. It was very easy to understand and tons of fun to do! 

I added borders to the block. I really hope my swap partner enjoys it! 
I am also joining a mystery quilt along! I have never done anything like that before! Pretty exciting! 
I also finished the random rectangles top. I have basted it and I am working on the quilting. I feel like I am finally getting more comfortable quilting now. It has taken so long but I am finally not cringing when I start to quilt on my tops! I have always been so nervous about that part! Hopefully I will have a finished picture soon! Here is the top:

I decided to piece the backing also:

I really had fun piecing ... read more

I have been working on a random rectangle quilt. The pattern is in the book 1,2,3 Quilt: Shape Up Your Skills with 24 Stylish Projects. I have admired this layout on Pinterest for a long while now and finally decided that Tokyo Train Ride was the perfect fabric for it! This is the layout I decided on:

Pardon the post it notes! Keeping track of the blocks! I think I am going to try and do some random lines on this quilt and see how that looks. I have been using free motion the last couple quilts and I miss using my walking foot. I am deciding on whether or not to go with a border on this one or not. I think a teal or dark blue border might be fun...what do you think?
My family has been enjoying the fresh air lately and we have gone hiking the past couple of weekends. I took this picture and had to share! 

I just love the mountains! I have really missed hiking these last few months! What are you working on this week? 

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Pretty green!

2015 3/17

Anyone else noticing how pretty green is lately? I love it! I know it is St. Patrick's Day and most people are wearing green today, but I have really been noticing it creep up more in my fabrics, wardrobe, and a little in my decor. 

I am loving these different shades and I might have to do a green themed quilt soon! What colors are you noticing more in your life? As quilters/crocheters it seems like colors just jump out to us and we immediately want to incorporate them into some new project!  
Purple has always been a favorite to me. Recently I finished this little hat and I am so sad the weather changed...well it will be there for me next year! :-)

Lastly, I wanted to share these beautiful fabrics I won the other week! I cannot wait to play with them and a few might be going into a mini I am going to start soon for a swap! My first one! I am so excited! We are all using Anna Maria Horner fabrics! I have used a few of hers but have recently just become obsessed with her work! She is amazing! What are ...

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Have you ever had a finish that when it is FINALLY done you want to shout it from the rooftops!? Well, that is the Hazel Hedgehog quilt for me! This thing was TOUGH for me! I never used the seam ripper so much in all my life! I have learned that when reading patterns I have the tendency to switch the directions around. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong things got easier. However, this thing is now done and I cannot wait to pick up my little boy and give him this quilt! 

I decided to do some random spiky quilting. It was a ton of fun! I really enjoyed it! I am still new to FMQ so it was not even all the way through but it is def. improving! If you are a seasoned FMQ(er) how long did it take you to get your stitches to look consistent throughout? Do you still struggle? 
Sadly, I missed the deadline to link up with Gnomeangel for the Hazel QAL, but the voting is still going so if you get the chance head over there and vote on your favorite! Have a great week! 

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I cannot believe how fast February went by. With four family Birthdays, two of them being my children, time seemed to really fly by. I am hopefully going to finish my Hedgehog quilt right under the wire. I also finished my hexagon quilt. Here it is:

Without the binding. I just had to get a shot with the snow! 

I really like the purple binding on this one. The hexagons were a lot of fun! I was worried about not lining them up right but they worked out perfectly! 
I used the hex n more ruler and I loved how easy the cuts were with it! I will definitely use that ruler again soon!
I know everyone has been talking about the weather lately and I honestly love the snow! I do not love driving in it but I LOVE how gorgeous it is! Plus a great excuse for breakfast for dinner! For my daughter's bday I we were snowed in so I made some pancakes for them and made fun shapes. These were cute little bears:

Well, we are expecting another round of snow tomorrow! Stay warm everyone!  

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Hazel top done!

2015 2/18

I have to say after this top is finally pieced I have a deep seeded hatred towards my seam ripper! I cannot tell you how much I used it during this project! For whatever reason I really had problems flipping the spines and a few portions of these blocks! I was so thankful I went with the four big ones! However, after all is said and done I am so excited with how it came out!

I did make a few mistakes and I did not notice until after I put the top together but my little boy will not mind! The first thing he asks when he sees it is if he can pet them! I was really worried about the top right one and the colors I went with. However I really like the end result! However I think this guy is my favorite out of all four of them:

Ha! Pardon my foot!
I am waiting on the perfect backing fabric to come in! I am so excited! I am also planning some new projects! I am working on a plan to showcase a few of the new Tokyo Train Ride fabrics. Plus maybe a pretty spring ...

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2015 2/10

My sweet little boy is turning 5 on the 16th. He has been asking for another quilt. The Hazel QAL seemed like the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fun qal and make a fun quilt for my little boy. I am so excited how these came out!

I was not sure honestly how the colors were going to come together but I really love it! The piecing was tough at first but I finally got the hang of it. I am learning that I tend to see patterns a little backwards so after I figured out what I was doing wrong I had no problem piecing them together! I showed Elliot and the first thing he did was ask if he could pet them. I think we have a winner! Two more blocks to go!

Last weekend my hubby decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early so we went to our hobby places and did some fun hiking! I went to Fancy Tiger in Denver. That store is a fabric and yarn enthusiasts heaven! Is anyone else obsessed with Tokyo Train Ride!? Oh my gosh I am in love! Here is what I picked out:

I am looking for a ...

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How are we already in the second month of this year!? I am a little late to the game but I am setting some goals for myself for the next several months. One of them is the Hazel QAL which I mentioned in my last post. I am very excited to get going! My son is going to be the happy recipient this time and I know he is already wanting to cuddle under it! 
The next few things I am hoping to finish is a ticker tape quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts. How great is that book btw!? If you do not own a copy get one! I think that book may be my favorite quilt book by far! 
Lastly, I really want to work with a patchy quilt and play with the blocks. I want to cut and try different ways of putting them back together. I loved my 9 patch quilt from a few years ago. I want to play again! 
I have mentioned before my new love for crochet. I finished my little bird!!!! I am very excited! Here she is:

I am waiting for my daughter's b-day to give it to her. I am ...

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Anyone that has read past blog posts has noticed I keep saying next quilt I will try FMQ...then I chicken out. Well this time I finally did it! I decided I needed to just jump in with both feet and try. I have done the class with Leah Day on Craftsy and I have practiced a TON on small projects but I can never just jump in and just quilt on my quilts. So this time no excuses I did it! Here is my result:

I did random loops. I was not even all the way through but I love the end result! Plus my arms got quite the workout! How long did it take you to get used to that feeling? I took breaks and did it in one hour increments so I think that helped. 
Next up I am going to finish off my hexagon quilt and I am joining Gnome Angel in her quilt along. It is  Oh Fransson's hedgehog quilt. I got all the fabric pulled and I am making it for my little boy. I think he is going to love it!

 What are you working on this week? 

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Confession time

2015 1/12

So I have not blogged in some time. Usually I keep my personal life quiet and I do not post on Facebook or my blog about things I am going through. However, I think I need to get this all out. I am tired of pretending that life is always wonderful. That is not life. Life is messy and while this blog is mostly about quilting and sewing sometimes life gets crazy and I am not on here as much. So to explain my absence and to start the new year with some honesty I am going to come out with what has been going on with my little family.
In February of last year my sweet little boy was diagnosed with autism. I was not surprised. In fact since my boy was 18 months I have been begging anyone who would listen to me that something was wrong. His behavior was harsh at times. He hit me, bit me, kicked me, and did so with my husband. He would get into his own world and would scream if you brought him out of his world to feed him, play with him, or even try to sing with him. I ...

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New skills

2014 9/29

Lately I have been in a creative rut. Pretty much all the quilts I set out to do are done. I wanted to move forward but I honestly had no idea where I was ready to head. So I started taking a class from Craftsy from Elizabeth Hartman. I am really enjoying it! I am working on Wonky Log Cabin blocks which at first were not the wonkiest! 

All my seams seemed to line up a little more than I intended so the next time I tried to really concentrate on my lines more than how my fabrics looked together:

I really like how the fabrics ended up and I like the wonkiness much more this time! 
I found my hemispheres quilt the other day and decided to take another stab at making a sphere. It is still not there yet but WAY better than it was when I first tried!

My lines are not lining up perfectly and I am hoping that just comes along with more practice. This time I matched up the middles instead of the ends of each piece and I think that is going to help me going forward. 
Last thing I wanted to share ...

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Postage stamp done

2014 9/15

I am finally getting around to blogging about this finished quilt! My postage stamp quilt is finally done! 

This one took a LONG time! As you can see my rows did not match up. I think my mistake was I did 30 squares in a row and then did another 30 and then lined them up. Reading some other blogs I am realizing squares are much easier to line up. So I will know for next time! 

I had a good time doing the back on this one. I love the little apples line so much. Those kids look so sweet and my two little ones seem to love checking out the little animals on it. 

No matter how many times I fixed this picture it still shows up wrong! Sorry! I love seeing my little ones enjoy my quilts! Even if they are not quite right the kids do not care or notice! 
Enjoy your week! 

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Quilt magnets

2014 9/2

This weekend I was wanting to start thinking about little teacher gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas this year. I thought about making some magnets but I wanted to quilt them. I decided to just give it a try and use scraps from my recent postage stamp quilt. 

To make your own you will need:
(For one)
Two 1.5-2 inch squares
batting end size 1.5 inches
sewing machine
magnet with self adhesive on back
Aleene's Fabric Fusion

I first took two complimentary fabrics and placed them right sides together and sewed then with 1/4 inch seam allowance. Ironed them flat. I then took my batting measuring 1.5 inches and cut the fabric block I just made down to size. You can do this anyway you see fit. It does not have to be half and half. 
I then take the backing fabric that is also 1.5 inches and place it on top of the new block, and the batting is now on the bottom. Go back to your machine and sew down three sides. Using the pillowcase method turn everything inside out to where you now have a cute little square. Tuck in ...

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So very excited! Quilting is finally getting to where it is easier for me. I love wavy quilting too! It is fun to kind of go with the flow. I have never been very good at even drawing straight lines so quilting them was always a little wonky. Wavy lines are fun and are okay to be well...wavy! :-) So I finished up my vintage quilt and I played with some of the pictures on instagram. I loved how this one turned out!

My son kept following me around the house with it. He was really wanting to get his hands on it! So I brought it in and let him "help" with the photos! 

This quilt seems to be his new favorite! It is mine too! Good thing this was a bigger quilt! It can fit me and my kids and if we smoosh my hubby too! 

My daughter grabbed it as soon as my son left the room! 
I will say I am nervous about it being so light. If a stain does appear what do you use to get it out? We are allergic to so much in this house does anyone have a good recommendation for ...

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Just when I thought we could not move again...or at least for another couple months the place we were hoping to open up did and a couple months earlier than we thought! So I had to pack up my machine again but thankfully we only had to move a couple floors up! Now we are settled and enjoying life again! Believe me I will be thrilled if I do not see another moving box for a year or two! Whew! 
On to quilting! I have missed it so much! Between catching up on doctor appts, my daughter chipping a tooth, and moving I feel like that time has been few and far between! I did, however, get a new sewing table! 

Here it is all opened up:

It does not fit my machine, but my hubby things we can tweak it so it does. I am thinking of painting it too! Possibly a light teal.
I also got to pull out a project that I am so excited to finish! 

I got this big quilt all basted and now it is on to quilting! Trying to decide how exactly to go about it! I really like how it turned ...

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Skill building

2014 7/24

This week I am taking a break from quilts and working on my skills. I have been wanting to work on paper piecing and FMQ for awhile now but I kept getting myself backed up with quilt projects that I never did it. Well, I am determined to have my next project be all about FMQ! So I did a little practicing and while it does need work I think I am ready to try a project:

I really enjoyed doing the loops too! They are fun and I think that is what I will stick with. I asked some ladies advice and one quilter mentioned pretending to draw cursive letters and another mentioned thinking about making those loops fat not tall and skinny. I def had some mistakes but if I stand back I cannot see them jump out at me! That's something! 
I also went on to find some more free paper piecing projects from pinterest. There are so many out there! This one looked pretty easy so I tried my hand at it:

This is not ironed but you get the idea! This was a really fun block and I have a lot of paper piecing ...

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WOOOO! It is done! Many of you know I have had a love/hate relationship with this quilt. One moment I just adore it. The next I want to cry because I am so afraid the recipients will not like it. I made this for my brother-in-law for his wedding. These are his wedding colors. I am so happy for them both and I hope this quilt is something they cherish!

Pardon our back porch! We are crammed in an apartment and more than half of our stuff is in storage. However we are learning we do not need so much stuff! So this has been a great learning experience for us! 
Back to the wedding. The big day is the 31st of this month so I have just enough time to make sure it gets to them by that date! The fabrics reminded me so much of them. They love the outdoors and their first date was in the woods! Maureen, loves birds and I could not resist the bark and branch fabric! So excited for them to have it! 
Today I am linking up with Finish it up Friday! with Crazy Mom Quilts. Check out the other finishes ...

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The project for my brother-in-law's wedding is about done! I just finished quilting this afternoon and I love it! I have debated, loved, hated, questioned, and cried over this quilt! I really want this to be something they treasure and love. All that is left now is cutting and binding! Here is what it looks like now:

Sorry about the lighting. It is storming around here and we have not gotten lamps...which today I am very much regretting! :-)
I have never quilted using wavy lines before and while it is not perfect I had a BLAST doing it! My shoulders hurt but I will def. use this technique again! Each line from the starting point is 1.25 inches from the next starting point. From there I just went where the machine took me! I love how wrinkled it looks already! Most of my quilt I quilt with lots of space between so that it will be softer. However I might be falling in love with this look also! 
So what is your favorite look? Quilting close lines or spacing for the softness? 
This weekend I got another bundle from Fabric Shoppe's stash club. Blues! They are ... read more

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